2023.07.15. Teljes koncert! II. Vadkeleti Fesztival Big Horn Ranch (Szlovákia)

4:30 Working Man Blues
9:15 Catfish SwampCreek
12:40 Cocaine Blues
17:10 WestBound and Down
20:35 Mercury Blues
24:30 Jackson
29:10 Call Me The Breeze
34:10 Cindy, Cindy
38:45 Johnny Boy's Bones
43:35 I Saw The Light
49:10 Six Days On The Road
53:50 Don't Think Twice
58:15 Gimme All Your Lovin'
1:02:40 Crawdad Hole
1:06:55 Bad Moon Rising
1:10:50 Truck Drivin' Man
1:15:30 Little Miss Honky Tonk
1:19:25 Sweet Home Alabama
1:25:00 I'll Be Gone
1:29:55 Arkansas

01.07.2023. Yeeehaw from the redneck side!

24.11.2021. Hungarian and Polish Vintage Rock n Roll Collection (2021) Catfish Swamp Creek and Fill The Jar

01.04.2020. Stay Home Cover (MobilePhoneVideo)

20.02.2020. In the Hungarian Hammer World Magazine: 2019 Top 10.th music album!

19.10.2019. Live on Pullman City Music Fest (Germany)

07.06.2019. New Album Everywhere!

01.06.2019. Album-Test on Rics and Green (only in Hungarian language)(kattints a megtekintéshez)

10.05.2019. NEUES ALBUM!!!

17 tales about creeks, dirt roads, trucks and tailgatin (2019)

17 tales about creeks, dirt roads, trucks and tailgatin (2019)

01. Stories 'bout J.B. and Bubba: 'Gator Stew
02. Catfish Swamp Creek
03. Working Man Blues
04. Hillbilly Dirt Road
05. Stories 'bout J.B. and Bubba: Run Out Of Gas
06. Highway 45
07. I Saw The Light
08. Fill The Jar
09. Six Days On The Road
10. Down At The RoadHouse
11. Stories 'bout J.B. and Bubba: Let's Get Some Roadkill
12. Roll On Big Mama
13. RoadTrain
14. Tailgatin' Day (feat Chilli and Ed Philips)
15. House Of The Rising Rednecks (feat Peter Legrady)
16. New Boys From Old Times (feat Ganxsta Zolee)
17. Stories 'bout J.B. and Bubba: Back To Work

27.02.2019. Trailer! neue album kommt bald!

27.11.2018 Brandneu album in 2019!

06.07.2018 Live! Redneck Roadkill-I Saw The Light (Hank Williams) on the 25th Lakeside Weekend!

20.03.2018. Redneck Roadkill feat. Chilli, feat Ed Philips - Tailgatin' Day

Redneck Roadkill - Fill The Jar

Redneck Roadkill - Hillbilly Dirt Road

14.02.2017. Check out the MEDIA MENU!

Redneck Roadkill feat Ganxsta Zolee - New Boys from Old Times

25.10.2016. Bruti nachricht

12.09.2016. Leben Radio Rock Hungary

05.09.2016. Redneck Roadkill feat Ganxsta Zolee - New Boys from Old Times

31.08.2016. Vik Flames interview in the Ungarisch Tattoo Magazin! Mehr in MEDIA MENÜ!

28.08.2016. So gemacht!!!Redneck Roadkill feat Ganxsta Zolee - New Boys from Old Times

25.08.2016. Redneck Roadkill feat Ganxsta Zolee - New Boys from Old Times musikvideo PROMO!!!

21.08.2016. BALD!!! Redneck Roadkill feat Ganxsta Zolee - New Boys from Old Times musikvideo!!!

10.03.2016. Fertiggestellt: Big Tree Session DVD! Mehr info in MUSIK MENÜ!

18.02.2016. Big Tree Session: Six Days On The Road

01.01.2016. Napi Rock and Roll page: 1st place in band's cup in 2015 Click for details (in Hungarian language)

23.12.2015. Frohe Weihnachten!!!

15.12.2015. The Akademia Music Awards (USA) :Beste Album, 2015 dezember!!! (Klicken Sie für Details)

15.10.2015. Little Heartwrecker (Dierks Bentley cover) Der erste Abschnitt: the Big Tree Session video-serie!

02.10.2015. In the backstage: Rhythm Sophie, Ed Philips and the Memphis Patrol, Redneck Roadkill - Pullman City (Germany) Rockabilly Convention

29.09.2015. 2th october 2015 5-7pm - Rockabilly Convention at Pullman City, Germany

20.09.2015. Rednecks Gone Jackass - Season 1.- Short Version

05.08.2015. Mehr Videos von der Show im Video-Menü (Recorded by Capri Country)

06.07.2015. Redneck Roadkill - Moonshiners' Base Camp by Part Records, Germany Details in Muzik menu

04.07.2015. I'll Be Gone (LIVE Jam)

12.06.2015. Soon!

01.06.2015. Night Train To Memphis - video by Biatorbágy TV

25.04.2015. I Saw The Light (by Hank Williams) LIVE JAM -

30th 03.2015.

29th 03. 2015. Szeged (Ungarn) Retro WebRadio Nashville sendung presentiert Redneck Roadkill interview und song-premiere!

Interview und song-premiere(hören Ungarisch)

11.02.2015. Rock 4 All - Radio Hits vol. 9. Trailer

03.01.2015. Unsere großen Stolz: Napi Rock and Roll seite - November statistik - unsere video (Truck Drivin' Man - Live) Ersten Platz! Klicken: Napi Rock and Roll Statistik!

10.11.2014. "STUDIO WORKS" Fotos!!!

06.11.2014. 22 November. Wieder in Amigo Club!(klicken: ereignis)

05.11.2014. Leben! Truck Drivin' Man (Terry Fell) (video: Napi Rock n Roll)

04.11.2014. Ersten Geburtstag!!!

30.10.2014. Fotos: Amigo Club Party Mehr fotos!!! (Napi Rock n Roll)

26.10.2014. Live! Dolly, Klonschaf (in hungarian language) (video: Napi Rock n Roll)

23.10.2014. Party in Amigo Rockabilly Club!

11.10.2014.. Leben in "real redneck feeling"!