20.02.2020. In the Hungarian Hammer World Magazine: 2019 Top 10.th music album!

10.07.2019. Hammer World (Hungary 2019 july-august)

07.06.2019. Album-Test on Rics and Green (only in Hungarian language)(kattints a megtekintshez)

03.04.2018. Interview with the band on Szeged TiszaRadioPlusz's Nashville broadcast!

Interview (You can listen here...in hungarian language)

20.03.2018. Tailgatin' Day interview on Rics and Green (click to see)

06.12.2016. Interview on Fehérvár TV

29.11.2016. Interview on Vörösmarty Radio

(listen it (Hungarian))>

15.11.2016. Chubby and Flames on Lanchid Radio Hungary!(click to listen)

25.10.2016. Bruti's message

09.10.2016. Radio Rock FM95.8 Hungary

(listen it (Hungarian))>

24.09.2016. Article in BORS Magazin!(click to view)

20.09.2016. Article on Ripost.hu (click to view)

12.09.2016. Live at Radio Rock Hungary

07.09.2016. Ganxsta Zolee and Vik Flames on Hr TV !(click to view)

07.09.2016. Article on RockBook.hu (click to view)

05.09.2016. Vik Flames and Roland Fgeczki(director) on Petfi TV (m2) (click to view)

05.09.2016. MusicVideo-premier on the Lngol Gitrok!(click to view)

31.08.2016. Vik Flames interview in the Hungarian Tattoo Magazine!

01.01.2016. Napi Rock and Roll page: 1st place in band's cup in 2015 Click for details (in Hungarian language)

15.12.2015. We are very proud!!! The Akademia Music Awards (USA) :The Best Album in december 2015!!! (click here for details)

CD review Belgium


29th 03. 2015. Interview with the band and song premiere on Szeged Retro Web Radio's Nashville broadcast!

Interview and song premiere(You can listen here...in hungarian language)

03th 08. 2014. Interview with the band on Szeged Retro Web Radio's Nashville broadcast....after a party (18th 07, 2014. Szeged)

Redneck Roadkill Interview (You can listen here...in hungarian language)

Our track: Death For The Liver on the Dynamite Magazine's CD (release date: 23.07.2014.)


You can download the track!

23.03.2014. Redneck Roadkill's cover song - West Bound And Down by Jerry Reed - on the Szeged (Hungary) Retro WebRadio's Nasville broadcast. Click to listen (in hungarian)


Retro Webradio Nashville broadcast -Redneck Roadkill: West Bound And Down