The band was formed on 4th november 2013.

Our aim is simple: To showcase and popularize the southern US states’ country music and culture in Europe.

Unfortunately, not much of this genre of music has reached us, therefore people here have no idea about the extent to which country music is loved and listened to on the other side of the Atlantic . This is our attempt to do something about that.

But our project is not as simple as that! Country music has gone beyond „let’s have a good time around the campfire”, so we had to bring together professional musicians. The core of the band consists of three members of the band The Rollin’ Dice, which, as a rockability band, can claim significant successes (both in Hungary and in the rest of Europe). It was Chris (Krisztián Timár), who has proven his professional guitar skills in lots of groups, Alfie (Tamás Gyebnár), who has also used his drum sticks in a number of bands, and Vik Flames (Viktor Füle), who as a bass player, composer and lyric-writer has been present on the Hungarian rockabilly and psychobilly music scene for almost 20 years (and who has now moved onto guitar-banjo and acoustic guitar), who have come up with the idea of the current setup.

The recipe for this band has been completed by adding two more ingredients: Big Fat Chubby (Csaba Besenyei), the blues/country singer and harmonica player present in the music world for decades, and Garcia (László Cser), the daredevil fretting the strings of bass guitars for ages.

Our professional skills are a given, but a really good performance requires more than just that. The band is trying to spice things up by portraying, what is known, as the „redneck” culture. Just imagine a scene in one of the southern US states, where a country boy with strong accent, wearing suspended blue jeans, is sitting in a rocking chair on the terrace, playing the banjo and waiting for his neighbour to bring along a roadkill stag, so that they can have a barbecue rinsed off with plenty of beer! That's a great feeling!

This is the image one of the side of our band is trying to show... but to make the programme more varied, the audience will also be able to enjoy the classic, „cowboy boot-and-hat”, very creative and high-quality country music still enjoyed by truck-drivers and motorbikers, young and old people – virtually half the USA.

... and if this would not be enough, the band is also trying to convert songs from other popular music genres into country-style music.

If you want good (country, hillbilly, rockabilly, new-country) music, hilarious humour and fun, or popular music which you can dance to and enjoy a party... then you are at the right place! Enter the world of REDNECK ROADKILL!

Big Fat Chubby

Chubby was born in Eger on 24 October 1975. He started to listen to blues and country music at the age of 15, and it became so close to his heart that he would never part from it. His blues band called Pawn Shop - still performing - was formed in 1997. Since 2005, along with singer-songwriter Botond Molnár, he has played authentic blues and Tom Waits songs under the name of Salty Dog. As a guest performer, he was involved in the recording of the albums of Little G. Weevil: ’One’ and Hobo Blues Band: ’Hajtók Dala’. As an author-publisher, he and his band Village Lizards produced the album ’Three of Us’ in 2011. Until 2007 he was mainly performing as a blues harmonica player and singer, but he became increasingly interested in white American music. He listened to more and more country and blugrass music, he was fascinated by the country harmonica players’ virtuosic play and the singers’ often faltering or somtimes chanting voice also common in rockabilly music - and the unique southern accent. He set up his first country band, called Big Fat Chubby & The Swamp Busters, which has soon become very popular among country music fans. Since 2013 he has been a permanent guest musician of the Petra Bönerová Duo in the Czech Republic. Years ago, his band Big Fat Chubby & The Swamp Busters gave a joint concert with The Rollin’ Dice band. This is when Chubby and Garcia met Flames, Alfie and Chris. Chatting over a few drinks after the parties, it emerged that all of them liked the same kind of music and had similar views on music as well as other aspects of life. After their meeting, they continued their life and their own shows as usual, but something was missing: the circle was incomplete. A new joint band was needed! This is how REDNECK ROADKILL was formed in November 2013.




He got really close to rock 'n' roll as a very young child. Thanks to his parents, he was already listening to Hungarian and foreign bands at home as a nursery-school child. His father was an amateur singer and guitarist, recording his music with an Akai tape recorder. Viktor received his first guitar when he was around 10 and started to learn Buddy Holly songs by himself. He received a Stray Cats album, which proved to be a turning point and he soon started to feel the difference between rockabilly and rock' n' roll. He met Péter Egri (from Mystery Gang) when he was 14 and they attended rockabilly and rock 'n' roll clubs and concerts together. After a while he started to wish for some harder style and began to listen to psychobilly, while carrying on listening to rockabilly as well. When a band approached him saying they needed a double-bass player, he immediately bought an old, worn-out bass , started to practice hard and became one of the first psychobilly artists in Hungary. Three months later he stood on stage as a member of The Tremors. The band only existed for a few concerts because he was soon invited by Vadhajtás rockabilly band, as they needed a rhythm guitarist. As he was "too close to rockabilly" for the Tremors and "too close to psychobilly" for Vadhajtás, he decided to realize his own musical ideas. From 2001 to 2003 he recorded his own solo album as Vik Flames and the Humanoids. He contributed as singer, rhythm guitarist, double-bass player and author and, along with his musician friends, he also helped with studio works. Afterwards Vik established his own concert band, the Burning Vampires psychobilly band. After several reorganizations, he became a singer and double-bass player. Before this era ended, an album of 6 songs was released by the German Vampirette Records in 2008. Meanwhile Vik got closer and closer to rockabilly, psychobilly and country music and he decided to return to his roots. The Rollin' Dice was established at this time. He contributes as a double-bass player, author and lyrics writer as well. With his creativity and original ideas Vik is trying to add something new to rockabilly and country music. After this, he increasingly moved towards country music. This is when the idea of forming the Redneck Roadkill country band popped out of his head and swapped the double-bass for guitar-banjo and acoustic guitar. He is also one of the singers, while composing songs and assisting the band’s affairs.




Krisztián started to play the guitar in his last years of elementary school. He learned to play the classical guitar for two years. When he started secondary school, his music style also changed. His new teacher taught jazz-standards as well as evergreens, and contemporary pop music was also part of the curriculum. He also learned his first rock and roll song here. Krisztián did not have a solid musical style at the time; he loved playing everything. His first band was founded when he was leaving secondary school. Their repertoire involved some of their own songs and adaptations. Before the final exam, he practiced with his new band and got to know several songs and various styles from blues to hard rock. This was the time when he first stood on the big stage and became well-known among colleagues and the public. The young talent was invited by several bands to play the guitar: he performed at several concerts with bands. For two years he was a member of the orchestra of the National Theater of Miskolc, he contributed to the plays Elisabeth and Jesus Christ Superstar. Besides, he followed his own musical ambitions as well, the Essence Guitar Trio and Frappé Trio were established, where the acoustic guitar played the key role. At the end of the 90's, being a bit "overloaded" by blues and rock music, Krisztián tried something new and started to play country. His play became really unique this time, his musical spectrum was widened and he began to merge different genres. The last stage of this process was rockabilly. He received a Brian Setzer DVD from a good friend and he realized this was the style he had been looking for more than 20 years. This tone and this music became the dominant genre for him. Krisztián soon founded his own rockabilly band and tried to meet musicians with the same attitude. He met The Rollin' Dice who were looking for a guitarist. With his creative ideas and being a professional guitar player, he could identify with the style of Rollin' Dice as soon as he met them. He is a prolific songwriter, which is essential for the band. In the following years, Krisztián got matey with Flames and Alfie, so when Redneck Roadkill was formed, he was happy to join them and return to country music.



He warmed to music at a tender age, as his grandparents played music at home every Sunday. His grandfather played the violin and his grandmother played the piano and sang songs. Following family traditions (where everyone had to play a musical instrument), first, at the age of 5, he went to a music preparation shool, then learnt to play the violin, acquiring foundations for his later career in classical music. Influenced by Gary Thain (the then base guitarist of Uriah Heep) during his secondary school years, he swapped violin for drum and bass guitar. Becoming familiar with the music of Jaco Pasturius only strengthend his resolve. Following the trend of the era, he started to play in a secondary school band, which played Uriah Heep, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, AC/DC, etc. songs and their own songs written in similar genre. To improve his musical instrument skills, he studied bass guitar in the Postal Workers’ Erkel Ferenc Musical College. During this period, he played in a number of bands, also participating in Amateur Rock and Pop festivals - with more or less success. As part of these bands, he played in several clubs and youth parks (such as Huragon and Python). Meanwhile, he got married and he had a „short” break from public performance. In the middle of the 90’s, a band was looking for a base guitarist, and since then, he has been playing continuously in bands (Blues Condition, Rockin’ Chair, Big Fat Chubby & The Swamp Busters, Valami Blues, Blues Life Band). Over this period, his musical taste has moved from rock to blues and country music (he notes, that blues and jazz has never been alien to him).




Like most people of his age, he first listened to rock and roll from his parents' LPs. Some time later Alfi started to dig deep into the music of the 1950s after seeing the movie about the life and music of Jerry Lee Lewis, entitled Great Balls of Fire. He started to play the drums when he was 16, thanks to a close friend. Their first band was a ska band as they could not find enough rock'n'roll musicians to establish a band; and they were quite successful. Later, together with two underground musician friends, he founded the The Fridays Rock'n Roll band in January 2007. Alfi got really close to this feeling at this time. He got closer to and became an active member of the small but enthusiastic Hungarian rock' n' roll and rockabilly community. Alfi soon managed to perform regularly with his band. An acquaintance told him about the formation of a new, rockabilly-country band, unique in Hungary, with a female singer this time. Naturally, he immediately accepted the invitation to become a member of The Rollin' Dice. After the smooth topics, he soon switched to the tense and urgent rhythm of rockabilly and the beat of country music. Alfi can proudly say that he soon managed to become successful with Rollin' Dice and there is no stopping him, as he says: "Rock'n Roll is more than just rhythm, this is my life…" This is when he started to listen to more country music and, together with Flames, came up with the idea of forming the band called Redneck Roadkill.